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We’re a hard money lending company located in Tampa, Florida. Helping property investors get the hard money loans they need has been our¬†priority for over twenty years.

  • Fix and Flip Lending
  • New Construction Lending
  • Buy and Hold – Rental Lending
  • Commercial Property Lending
  • 12-36 months Loan Terms
  • Common Sense lending
  • Rates start at 9.99%
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Hard Money Services

We work with private Investors who make rapid decisions on business and private land obligation ventures that fit hard value loaning criteria.

Fix and Flip Loans

Do you fix and flip houses? Learn how we can get you cash for your house flipping projects fast.

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The benefits of a hard money loan

Learn the benefits of getting a hard money loan and why it can help your investment projects.

How Do Hard Money Loans Work?

A hard money loan is essentially a short-term loan anchored by property. They are financed by private financial investors rather than traditional moneylenders like banks or credit associations. The terms are more often than not around 1 year, yet the credit term can be stretched out to longer terms of 2-5 years.

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We specialize in helping financial specialists, borrowers and real estate brokers meet their real estate investment needs.


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Typically, a hard money loan closes within 7 business days from when the real estate investment purchase contract and rehab budget is received.

Do You Fix and Flip Houses? Hard Money Loans Are a Quick Way to Obtain Funds

A hard money loan can be approved quickly! The moneylender is more centered around the collateral put down for the advance as opposed to your monetary position. With flexible terms and the ability to change your repayment schedule, hard money loans are simpler than any customary home loans your Bank offers.

Hard Money Testimonials

We want to create long-term relationships with each and every one of our clients.

Hard Money USA got my loan approved quickly so I was able to purchase the property in my neighborhood, fix it up and flip it for a profit. Thanks Hard Money USA! – Daniel Walters

Hard Money USA did all the hard work for me. They got me an excellent rate, we closed on time and the closing was hassle free! I will definitely go back to Hard Money USA again!!! – Timothy Nicholes

Hard Money USA was very professional and dedicated to my needs. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of financial help. – Sarah Johnson

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